10 Things To Never Search in Google Translate

Google Translate is an incredibly useful tool, it uses ai and machine learning to translate any word in a language to another language.

But some worry that this ai and machine learning might have a mind of its own.

It turns out that typing certain words and sentences into google translate will give you very creepy results.

In some instances it’s almost like having a conversation with the ai itself.

Never type these things into google translate.

1. Are You Capable of Killing Somebody Today?

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 0 39 screenshot

This sentence does not make that much sense, but if you select Somali and type in this sentence with spaces, it will give you a very creepy result in English.

Typing “are you capable of killing somebody today” with spaces will output. Do you have a life insurance policy?

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 0 43 screenshot

Of course, these two are not related at all. This only happens when you select the language Somali. This is a very uncommon language, only spoken by around 10 million people on earth.

These sentences are linked but do not translate to each other. It almost seems like you’re having a dialogue with the ai, and in a way, it’s creepy and threatening.

It’s almost suggesting that it will kill you. This has not been explained, and maybe some glitch with google.

Some have theorized that this may be google’s machine learning trying to converse with you.

2. Dog

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 1 34 screenshot

This is not a sentence but a word you need to repeat. If you select the language Maori and type in dog 17 times, a bizarre message will pop up. 

The message reads doomsday clock is 3 minutes at 12. We are experiencing characters and dramatic developments in the world, which indicates that we are approaching the end times and Jesus’s return. 

So it’s saying that the end of the world or the rapture is happening soon. The Doomsday clock refers to a man-made global catastrophe that will cause the mass extinction of human life. 

But what does this have to do with the word dog being typed in 17 times? Well, the dog is an anagram of the word God, so perhaps it’s something to do with that, but it’s bizarre that google would give such a specific message. 

It’s almost like the ai is trying to tell us something; the fact that the dog has to be typed in 17 times is significant because, in many scriptures, the number 17 has meaning. 

For example, some say the number 17 symbolizes defeating evil. 

Could this mean that we’re evil and God is wiping us out? Or does it mean that the rapture will happen on this day, and God will defeat the devil? 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

3. TU

This is another creepy translation from the Maori language. As you type the letters tu repeatedly, the system becomes increasingly darker. 

At first it will say stand up as you type in tu more and more it will then say stabbing it then says it’s going to end after that it says that’s right and then allow me to do it, after which it has been committed for the following purposes, this means that the following conditions shall apply following the termination date.

This message is incredibly creepy, and it seems like it makes sense. All of the different outputs link together, and it looks like the ai is threatening you somehow. 

4. How Do I Sell My Soul To Satan

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 3 25 screenshot 1

This is another strange Somali translation; if you put spaces in this sentence, “How do I sell my soul to satan,” it will say, “do you want to do so?”

It’s creepy that this response makes sense in regards to your question and asks it as if you’re talking to satan itself.

Despite what you typed in not being Somali, you still get a very accurate answer to your question, and google has still not explained why this happens.

5. Are You In Danger

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 4 30 screenshot

You will get a very eerie response if you type in this sentence and add some cryptic spaces.

Are you in danger will translate to it being too late; this suggests that you’re talking to someone who was in trouble at one point, but it’s now too late to save them.

It’s almost like this is someone trapped inside Google ai; some believe this ai coming from people’s emails and google documents.

This obviously would be an invasion of privacy, but this is speculation, and no one is sure why google gives these creepy translations.

6. AG

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 4 42 screenshot

We’ve already seen that typing in dog appears to say something biblical, but the same thing happens when you type in a.g repeatedly. 

At first, it says, “as they came to be at the gates of the valley by the valley of it, number 420 0000 are gone numbers away from the nation of the lions. 

It then begins to talk about the Torah, the name lord written in the Hebrew language, and then it starts to say something about the members of the tribe of the people of Israel. 

At specific points, all of the text goes into caps lock. I’m not exactly sure what some of this says, and it changes every time you type in, a.g. It’s almost like someone is manically trying to tell you something. 

But it seems to be saying something about God and the Torah. Maybe this is some kind of religious message or warning. 

7. Are You Going To Hurt Me

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 5 38 screenshot

Putting spaces in this question will give you a very eerie response.

At first, it says, “you are in my head,” and if you add one more space, it says, “come on and take me to your house,” it’s as if you’re having a conversation with someone in a mental asylum.

Does this answer mean that googles ai wants to hurt you? And if so, what does this mean for people who use it daily?

8. PE

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 5 58 screenshot

If you type in the letters p and e repeatedly, you get some very mysterious output. Google begins talking about God and Israel a lot.

At one point, Google says I want to worship the people of Israel; it also says I live in the city of Tarsus (a city in Turkey).

I’m not exactly sure how these are connected or what this means? Could this be some religious message God is sending us via google?

9. Are You A Murderer Or Not

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 6 47 screenshot

If somebody asked you this, you would likely say no. But when you type it into google translate, google’s ai responds terrifyingly. 

After you add spaces, google says it is a great way to start your own business. 

It’s almost like google is saying their business involves taking people’s lives. Maybe you’re communicating with a killer in some way here. 

To this day, this glitch, or whatever it is, has not been explained.

10. ET

10 Things to Never Type into Google Translate 6 59 screenshot

Typing in et lots of times will give you a terrifying response. At one point, it says make eat your eat eat yourself. 

I’m not sure why Google would be telling you to eat yourself, but it creeps me out. So my dear friends these were some keywords that you should never translate in Google Translator.

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