5 Crazy Business Ideas That Made People Rich

Ritesh Agarwal, Kylie Jenner, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg Everyone’s a billionaire.

And everyone has worked very hard to reach this position; they came up with excellent ideas.

If you want to become a millionaire, what will you do?

You’ll say, “Even I will work very hard and even I will come up with good ideas because through these ways only, one can become a millionaire or a billionaire.”

If you think this way, I will tell you the story of 5 such people who made silly decisions and became millionaires.

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#1. The $20 domain name [Pizza.com]

#1. The $20 domain name [Pizza.com]

The first story is about Chris Clark.

www, i.e. World Wide Web had became accessible to the public in 1991.

In easy words, it was the year when people got to know about ‘Internet,’ and they could use the internet.

But because the internet was very new and it wasn’t famous, people had no idea about ‘What is a website?’

and ‘What is a domain name?’

But Chris Clark, who was just 29 at that time, something occurred in his mind, and he purchased a domain name ‘Pizza.com’ For that, he’d paid just $20. 

It was like some kind of lottery ticket because no one knew what would happen to the internet in the future.

But still, he took the decision and purchased a domain name for $20. 

Well, you can say that Chris Clark won the lottery.

Because Chris Clark sold the same domain name, i.e. ‘Pizza.com’ for $2.6 Million in 2008.

#2. The Millionaire Chef

Charlie Ayers: How scones and desserts helped Charlie Ayers Jr become the  executive chef at Google

Guys, we all know that joining a new job is a callous decision because there are a lot of parameters that have to be considered.

For example: ‘What will be your compatibility there?’
‘What will be your salary?’

But if I tell you that the job you’ll be joining will pay you lesser than your current job, will you still join?

Charlie Ayers was involved in the retro industry for a long time.

He used to work as a personal chef in Silicon Valley and earn around $80,000 a year.

But he didn’t have good relations with his client, so he thought he should change his job.

At that time, he heard that there was a new Tech Start-Up in Silicon Valley searching for a chef for their clients and employees.

He enquired and got to know that the company would give him half the money.

That is where he was earning $80,000 a year; he will earn only $40,000 now.

He focused on all the other aspects and even felt sad and thought he shouldn’t do this, but he finally joined the company.

Well, guys, that small company becomes ‘Google’ going forward, and Charlie becomes the executive chef there.

In 2005, when Charlie left his job there, he had stocks of Google, whose net worth was $26 Million.

In this way, Charlie, who had joined a job where his salary was half, becomes a millionaire.

#3. The 1 million Pixels Story


Alex Tew was 21 years old and was studying at a university in England.

Unfortunately, he had a shortage of money.(If you are from an engineering college, you can feel this pain) He was short of so much money that he couldn’t even pay his college fees.

So he got a random idea “I’ll make a website who’s name will be The Million Dollar Homepage.”

Alex divided his homepage into 1 million boxes, i.e. 1 million pixels and started selling each pixel for $1.

Now imagine that if I buy 1 pixel out of that, then I have the freedom that I can put in any picture there.

I attach a link to my photo, my girlfriend’s photo or my company’s photo.

If you visit that website and click on my pixel, you will be redirected to the attached link.

But were people buying those pixels from the website? Absolutely.

And they were doing it for their promotion.

Just as the media covered this website’s news, the page went viral.

The monthly active users, who were visiting that page, increased considerably and that is why the demand for the pixels on that page increased, too.

It was increased so much that he had to conduct an auction for the last 1000 pixels and because of this Alex earned a lot of money.

Well, guys, I feel this is the craziest of all the ideas because I don’t know, man.

It’s really crazy.

So all I want to say is if you have any silly ideas in mind, don’t discard them.

I’ve been telling myself the same thing that don’t discard it, at least try it first What will happen at the most? You’ll fail.

#4. The Pet Rock Sale

Gary Dahl creator of the "Pet Rock," one of the best selling novelty...  News Photo - Getty Images

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A charming question.

If you are on ‘Tinder’ or ‘Bumble,’ you must’ve had to face this question all the time.

When I say ‘Pet,’ what comes to your mind?

Dogs, cats and rabbits. People have many kinds of pets.

But if I say that I’m going to gift you this stone as a pet, will you accept it?

You’ll say, ‘Are you crazy?

How can someone take this?’

Well, if you think this way, the following story is about Gary Dahl from the USA who sold many stones as a pet and earned a lot of money.

In 1975, Gary Dahl went to a party.

At the party, one of his friends told him, “Gary, my pet is troubling me a lot.

Take care of them. Give them food. I’m very troubled because of this.”

Hearing this, Gary thought that why are people giving pets for adoption that trouble you?

If I give out pets in the market that have no demand, people may prefer that.

So he decided that he’ll market stones as pets.

Gary was an advertising executive, and he knew how to market a stone as a pet.

He told people in the market, “If you adopt this stone as your pet, then it won’t even trouble you.”

When people used to adopt that stone as a pet, Gary’s company also provided them with a training manual in which it was written how to take care of that stone.

When to water him, when to talk to him and all those things.

Their marketing strategy was very successful because the news that there’s a pet of this kind in the market went viral, and people started showing a lot of interest in it.


After selling these stone pets, Gary earned $6 million in 1975 and became a millionaire.

#5. The Smiley Face Millionaire

The New "Melting Face" Emoji is Perfect for Our Times - InsideHook

Have you ever seen this face? Very famous.

The lips and eyes are made from black ink, and the face is made of yellow colour.

But if I say that this same design, smiley face made someone a millionaire, will you believe me?

The fun fact is, yes, someone actually became a millionaire because of this and that someone wasn’t even the creator of this design.

Guys, this design was made by Harvey Ball in 1963 for his client in a PR company. 

And he sold this design to his client at a meagre price.

But his mistake was that he didn’t trademark this design.

That is, technically, no one owned this design.

Then two brothers, also known as the Spain brothers, bought the legal rights for this design and started marketing it everywhere with the hashtag #HaveANiceDay Badgesschool bagsT-Shirts; this design was seen everywhere.

And today the company that owns this design, whose name is ‘Smiley World‘, earns around $250 million every year.

#6. The NFT Millionare

Indonesian man sells his selfies as NFTs, now worth US$1 million in volume
Ghozali an Indonesian guy, just became a millionaire within days.

You want to know how?

He took selfies, this 22 years old Indonesian student took one selfie everyday, for five years.

And for some reason, people are rushing to buy every single one of his selfies.

I know, that you may ask, why would stranger spend so much money on his dry selfies.

How he gained popularity? What is he going to do with 1 million us Dollars?

Now, his story starts like this:

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, a computer science student had a brilliant idea of taking daily photos of himself.

He started at 18 and now he is 22.

In his case, he was lucky enough that a celebrity chef came across his selfie NFT collection and promoted it.

Since then, most people rush to purchase ownership of his selfies.

At one point, his one picture was priced at $806 per selfie, which is amazing.

With all of these insane luck, this humble Indonesian student reached a million dollar.

But, what is he going to do with all that?

He plans to invest all his money and eventually fulfil his lifelong dream.

So, that is how a selfie itself can make you a millionare.


So, guys, this was my list of Top 5 decisions that made people millionaires.
Before going, I’d like to say one thing we start overthinking many times in our lives.

‘If I do this, what’ll happen?’ ‘What if it goes wrong and I fail?’
But many times, I feel that you, me, and everyone should also believe our silly decisions without overthinking.

Who knows, these silly decisions can make us millionaires.

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