6 Easy and efficient ways to built self confidence

When faced with a big challenge where potential failure seems to lurk at every corner, maybe you’ve heard this advice before: “Be more confident.”

And most likely, this is what you think when you hear it: “If only it were that simple.” But what is confidence?

Take the belief that you are valuable, worthwhile, and capable, also known as self-esteem, add in the optimism that comes when you are certain of your abilities, and then empowered by these, act courageously to face a challenge head-on. This is confidence.

It turns thoughts into action.

So where does confidence even come from?

There are several factors that impact confidence.

One: what you’re born with, such as your genes, which will impact things like the balance of neurochemicals in your brain.

Two: how you’re treated. This includes the social pressures of your environment.

Three: The part you have control over, the choices you make, the risks you take, and how you think about and respond to challenges and setbacks.

It isn’t possible to completely untangle these three factors, but the personal choices we make certainly play a major role in confidence development. So, by keeping in mind a few practical tips, we do actually have the power to cultivate our own confidence.

6 Easy Tips to Built Self Confidence

Most often, we start very passionately to achieve some goal, but slowly-slowly we lose interest in that, our interest level begins to decrease with time.

One best example of this is New Year’s resolution. How many of you have kept your New Year’s resolution so far, many people have given up on the first day.

On the other hand, some people wait for few months to begin with some healthy diet, or to start the morning yoga practice, or finish the book which is lying in the corner for a year.

Why are some people able to achieve this simple task, the answer is also simple, they need to work and motivate themselves regularly.

So, how can we keep ourselves motivated, we need to set a goal for ourselves, every day you must set a goal for yourself.

Our goals shape our life, setting goals – helps in the initiation of a new behavior, the direction of your focus and continuing the momentum of your life.

Today, we will talk about – how goals may help us stay motivated and achieve success.

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1. A Quick Fix

How to built self confidence

There are a few tricks that can give you an immediate confidence boost in the short term.

Picture your success when you’re beginning a difficult task, something as simple as listening to music with deep bass; it can promote feelings of power.

You can even strike a powerful pose or give yourself a pep talk.

2. Believe In Your Ability to Improve.

Believe In Your Ability to Improve

If you’re looking for a long-term change, consider the way you think about your abilities and talents. Do you think they are fixed at birth, or that they can be developed, like a muscle?

These beliefs matter because they can influence how you act when you’re faced with setbacks. If you have a fixed mindset, meaning that you think your talents are locked in place, you might give up, assuming you’ve discovered something you’re not very good at.

But if you have a growth mindset and think your abilities can improve, a challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Neuroscience supports the growth mindset. The connections in your brain do get stronger and grow with study and practice.

It also turns out, on average, people who have a growth mindset are more successful, getting better grades, and doing better in the face of challenges.

3. Practice Failure

practice failure

Face it, you’re going to fail sometimes. Everyone does. J.K. Rowling was rejected by twelve different publishers before one picked up “Harry Potter.” The Wright Brothers built on history’s failed attempts at flight, including some of their own, before designing a successful airplane.

Studies show that those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way.

They learn how to try different strategies, ask others for advice, and perservere.

So, think of a challenge you want to take on, realize it’s not going to be easy, accept that you’ll make mistakes, and be kind to yourself when you do.

Give yourself a pep talk, stand up, and go for it. The excitement you’ll feel knowing that whatever the result, you’ll have gained greater knowledge and understanding. This is confidence.

4. Break Bigger Goals into Smaller Goals.

how to built self confidence

Have a larger goal and break it down to a smaller- smaller unit to work over it, breaking down larger goals makes it easier to attend, and this can be done at a faster rate,

+you not just reach your goal on time but you will really feel very much pleased, that you have enjoyed every bit to reach towards your goal.

This will give you further motivation to continue working towards your larger goals.

5. Every action should be goal oriented

set your goals

Your entire day, should be planned in such a way that each action supports you in achieving your goal.

Suppose you want to start with a morning yoga practice, but you are unable to do that, because you feel very tired,

now you can’t decide late at night that tomorrow I will be doing this and that.

This thought – what you want to do, should be there in your mind, the whole day So,

first and foremost get up early, organize your day, so that you can finish your chores or office work as soon as possible,

having early meal, minimize the distraction you may have with your gadgets and television at night and practice some breathing technique for a good night sleep,

you easily get up in the morning – fresh and energize, if you follow all these steps.

Similarly, each goal could be directly or indirectly kept in your mind throughout the day, and follow the routine, accordingly to reach to your success.

once you have accomplished one goal, move on to the next, never lose the momentum, and never stop in between.

Never just give up, move ahead and do the thing systematically.

6. Keep Your Goals Realistic

follow your goals

Keep your goal realistic, make a list of your goal, and prioritizes them, rather than making an attempt to achieving multiple goals at a time, focus better on one.

This will not only, make your life easier, but it also allows you to focus all your skills at one point to achieve your goal.

People frequently create to many goals at once or create an unrealistic aim for themselves none of these things will help if you don’t see results,

as quickly as you want, you will become upset and would like to give up, your mind will be convinced that this goal is un-achievable,

remember persistence is the key to achieve anything in life, nothing happens overnight many people start losing motivation over time keep yourself motivated by focusing on your goal,

and this we help you to stay unaffected by people or situations.

Simply follow these techniques and you will see, that you are motivated and you will reach to success celebrate your small-small victory and especially when you feel low, you should remind yourself the achievements which you have in your life.

You should remind yourself and remember all your capabilities to and this will always boost motivation.

It is all in your mind, keep your mind surrounded with all the positive thoughts, think always positive, think that you will definitely succeed, go on practicing again and again till you reach your goal, this persistence, this hard work always pays,

And you will then really enjoy, you feel very much motivated, that you can achieve something which you otherwise felt that it is an un-achievable for you. Try and you will really enjoy your life NAMASKAR.

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