Learn how to ignore Negative people(4 best tips)

You must’ve heard that famous quote by Jim Rohn,

“You are the average of five people you spend most of the time with.”

Knowingly or unknowingly, you become the average of 5 people with whom you spend most of your time with.

If you hang out with 5 millionaires, then you will become the 6th millionaire. And if you hang out with 5 dumb people, then you’ll become the 6th dumb person.

That’s why it is very necessary that, we keep only good and smart company around us and remove the toxic people from our life.

But you can’t always have only good people around you.

There will be toxic people in your life who will stop you from doing good things.

Most of the times they are our own friends, family or relatives who are almost impossible to avoid.

But why are people toxic?

Why Are People Toxic?

3 Reasons Why You Attract Toxic People (And How to Stop)

Now, no person is toxic from their childhood.

As and when we keep growing, our upbringing, our situations, our environment and the society we live in, based on these, some of our opinions are formed.

And based on those opinions, we talk to people.

You must remember that scene from the movie ‘3 idiots’ where Farhan and Raju were being bullied by their seniors.

So the behavior of those seniors with Farhan and Raju was toxic because, when they were in first year, their surroundings were the same, they were also bullied by their seniors.

And that is why, just to take revenge, they start bullying their juniors too.

That is why it is very necessary that we identify this toxic behavior and toxic people and try to stay as far away from them as possible.

I’ll share 4 tips with you through which you can avoid these toxic people in your life completely.

1. Identify The Toxic People

Many times, we can’t correctly identify people and because of that people take advantage of us.

If you complete an assignment by staying up all night and if someone else takes credit for it, then won’t this behavior be called toxic?

If a girlfriend stops her boyfriend from talking with his female friends, then won’t this behavior be called toxic?

If you don’t even know who in your life is toxic and who is not, then how will you avoid them?

When you’re talking to a person, pay attention to your energy levels.

How do you feel after talking to the other person?

Does your energy go down?

Or do you feel recharged and uplifted?

After talking to the other person do you get positive vibes?

Or negative vibes?

Generally most of the toxic people have a low self-esteem.

They are very insecure, spread rumors about other people and gossip.

You yourself will have to stay aware of these people.

And this is only possible when you ask yourself more and more questions, that after talking to the other person, what vibes do you get?

The more questions you ask yourself, the better you will be able to identify if the other person is a toxic person or a positive person.

And this happens many times, that it’s not the people who are toxic but it’s the situation that is toxic.

For example; if you want to follow your passion but your family wants you to study, then maybe you’ll feel like your family is toxic.

But actually, it’s the situation that is toxic, and your family always wants the best for you.

It is your responsibility to convince your parents on why you want to follow your passion and how it can make you successful.

Always remember, ‘Fight for yourself but don’t fight with your loved ones.’

2. Don’t Try To Change Toxic People

You must know about the concept of pig and mud.

The pig loves staying in the mud.

It is the pig’s characteristic.

If you try to get the pig out of mud, then the mud will get on you too.

But the pig won’t change.

It’ll go in the mud again, because that’s how he is.

You have zero control over what other’s do but you have 100% control on yourself.

It is impossible to control others but you can control your own emotions.

Don’t give them a reaction that they don’t deserve.

When you stop being bothered by these things, then their negativity won’t affect you.

3. Change your Mindset

Most of the times we think that the things going on around us are related to us.

That is why when someone says anything bad about us, we take it to our hearts.

But it’s not always like this.

Every person creates some agreements for themselves in their head and the person reacts based on those agreements.

For example; for some people, wearing crop tops and ripped jeans is ok.

But some people don’t accept this and say bad things about people who wear these clothes.

We should always remember that, the other person’s response reflects their agreements and your response reflects your character.

“Try to develop a positive attitude”

“Learn how to respond not to react”.

Some situations can be handled calmly, while some need defence but very rare need a fight.

Be smart enough to figure out which situation needs which kind of response.

4. Learn To Say ‘No’

Now tell me one thing, if I bring a bottle of poison on a plate then will you accept it?

No, right?

Then why do we accept people’s negativity?

If you don’t say ‘No’, then it means that you are accepting their poison of negativity.

I agree that saying ‘No’ might be difficult for you and will also sound rude, but at least slowly start avoiding these toxic people.

If you have identified that some set of your friends are toxic, then slowly start avoiding them by not attending their call, or if they invite you to a party then you can decline by saying that, your parents won’t allow you to go.

Eventually, they’ll stop calling or inviting you.

You’ll have to identify this yourself that the criticism you’re getting is a constructive criticism or a hate comment?

If it is constructive criticism, then you can start working on it and if it is a hate comment, then ignore those comments.

Also, as important it is to remove toxic people from your life, it’s just as important that you are not playing the role of a toxic person in someone else’s life.

Make the right agreements in your mind and try to develop a positive attitude.

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