Meditate Like Monks- How To Meditate Properly and Live Happily

Stress, anxiety, frustration, self doubt.

It would’ve been so good if we had some kind of powerful weapon that could finish all of our negative emotions.

Actually, we already have a weapon for the same.

But we don’t use it.

It’s name is Now, half of the people after hearing the word ‘Meditation’ will say that, ‘Meditation is very difficult.

We have to stay seated at one place for a long time and meditation is for monks not for people like me who are from the city.

‘Well in today’s article will make you get rid of all the myths related to meditation and will tell you how practicing meditation daily can make your life stress-free.

I have a fun fact for you- If your stomach is disturbed, you will definitely feel stress, so you should know the best time, when your stomach is active.

Make sure you do meditation whrn your stomach is empty or after 2 hours of a meal.

The right way of meditation

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First of all let me tell you, that meditation is easier than you think.

You just don’t know the exact definition of it.

Many people think that meditation means controlling your thoughts But, no.

Meditation means knowing your thoughts.

You can never control your mind and thoughts.

It is our mind’s characteristic that it moves from one thought to another in seconds.

You cannot control it, you can just observe it.

Meditation has positive effects on our body and mind.

For example;

  • The chances of getting a heart disease reduces by almost 87%.
  • The possibilities of getting cancer reduces by 55%
  • Due to meditation, you stay very focused, productive, you can release your stress, your anxiety reduces and the list goes on.

But even after knowing all these benefits, many people don’t perform meditation.

And the people who do, can’t see the results.

This happens because they don’t know about the right tools and techniques.

So today, in this post I’ll talk about some right tools and time through which you can perform meditation with ease and you’ll also enjoy it.

1. Just Breath

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The connection between our mind and body is our breath.

Breath combines our mind and body.

If your breath stops, your mind and body will become different.

Then you’ll be left with just a body with no life.

Therefore, your breath is a tool to control your mind.

If you are a beginner, then just sit in a peaceful place for 5 to 10 minutes and focus on your breath.

You’ll have multiple thoughts but there’s no need to control them.

Just observe them and keep your focus on your breath.

You can also do Pranayama. It will improve your heart health significantly.

2. Positive Affirmations [Get What You Want]

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When you start observing your mind and thoughts, then you’ll realize that your mind always focuses more on negative things.

Friends, having negative emotions and getting negative thoughts is very normal, you cannot always stay positive.

You will definitely have negative emotions, you cannot control them.

But you can switch those negative emotions to positive emotions.

Or you can insert ‘Yet’ or ‘Right now’ after those negative emotions and can reduce their effect.

For example; ‘I am not worth it, yet.’

‘I am not capable of doing it, right now.’

According to psychotherapist, Ronald Alexander, of the Open Mind Training Institute, you can repeat affirmations 3 to 5 times daily to reinforce the positive belief.

Or before sleeping at night, you can listen to the audio of ‘Positive Affirmations’ on YouTube so that those positive affirmations can be fed in your subconscious mind.

3. Creative visualization

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Actually our subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious mind and it speaks in the language of images.

Vasistha a great Yogi, once said that, we had never seen GOD, but we can create his/her image in our heart and think about him .

This meditation is very powerful. You should meditate on the Supreme. If you can not concentrate on your breathing. You can think about God sitting in your heart.

4. Emotions

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Everything is made up of energy.

And all of these energies vibrate at different frequencies.

For example, when you get angry or when you have a fight with someone, then your negative emotions and negative energy are very strong.

You must know, what is negative, if something makes you miserable that is negative.

When you are with your partner, then your love emotions and love energies are very strong. Now that you know about the powerful tools, it is very important that you use them at the right time.

Right Time to Do Meditation

If I say it in simple terms, our brain is made up of billions of cells which are called neurons. And neurons perform the task of giving signals to our brain.

And the frequency of these signals is called ‘Brain Waves’.

When you are the most active, for example, now when you are reading this post, then your brain emits Beta waves.

When you are a bit relaxed, then your brain emits Alpha waves.

When you are just about to sleep, then the frequency of your brain becomes less and your brain emits Theta waves.

When you are in a deep sleep, then your brain emits Delta waves.

And the 5th one is Gamma waves which the brain emits when you are highly concentrated on a particular activity.

So the right time to perform meditation is at the

  • Alphastate
  • Relaxed state of mind
  • Theta state right after you’re awake
  • Right before you’re asleep

I generally prefer doing meditation at Theta state which is the time right after I’m awake or the time right before I’m asleep.

So these were some tools and times through which you can meditate easily.

But according to me, before meditating, it is very necessary for you to figure out what you practice during the rest of your day.

10 minutes of mediation won’t give you peace if you spend 23 hours and 50 minutes telling yourself that I’m not worthy of it.

The way you feel during meditation, is the feeling you have to carry forward for the rest of your day. You have to enjoy the process, don’t think about the consequence.

You can take a bath and after some time you can perform mediation. You can do Isha kriya. You can chant a mantra, or you can simply sit closing your eyes.

I regularly do Isha Kriya and Chant a Mantra. Believe me, it changed my life. I just spend 30 minutes doing meditation and my whole day becomes wonderful.

If you want to know about the mantra you can comment me down, I will tell you.

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