Most Effective Pranayama for better Heart Health

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The heart beat is first heard, in the developing embryo in the mothers womb the rhythmic beats continue through day and night and stops only at the time of death, our heart is extremely vital organ.

which pumps blood throughout our body, when we talk about heart problems we think of high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and many more such things.

Yes, each of these factors are going to contribute for heart diseases but 1 major factor which we ignore.

which we don’t register is our stress in the absence of all other factors also stress alone can create heart attack stress is known to alter.

The chemistry of our body directly it causes changes in circulating catecholamine and cortisol in our system

It effects indirectly our blood pressure our cholesterol level. You should also eat on time, to keep your heart healthy and active.

Our blood sugar level and our lipid profiles stress has become a very common term in our todays society, even children say they are under stress children are required to cope up with the stress.

such as exam stress there are many young adults, who don’t smoke or drink yet.

They have heart attack because of stress specially the stress caused by long hours of work or work related.

May reasons a certain amount of stress is required to stay active and healthy but if that proportion is higher then it causes attack, because excess stress increases work load on heart as,

There is an increase in the heart rate and oxygen, consumption the mind and body functions in unison the imbalance in mind.

Triggers the harmful chemical processes at a physical level and this results in sickness and diseases.

But with the help of yoga technique a person can develop a positive state of mind and naturally have a positive state in the body.

Pranayama for Better Heart Health

The studies have shown that yoga and pranayama instantly increase in the peripheral blood oxygen concentration in failing heart from 40% to 90% in a minute.

Through yoga and pranayama today I am going to share a very effective pranayama called as Rechak or long Exhalation.

This will help you to develop a let go feeling and release stress which in turn will keep your heart healthy while practising pranayama.

You focus on your breathing rhythm and go away from all the worries and tension of the world.

This restful state of mind evokes relaxed response in which parasympathetic nerves over rides sympathetic nerve activity as a technique pranayama can be complex form of breathing.

But the nature of practise is slow and deep breathing each time when person takes a long inhalation the diaphragm is pulled down and stretched.

During which the extra 90% lung which is dormant is activated and more oxygen is absorbed in our body.

In addition 2 large vessels aorta carrying blood from heart to inferior vena cava is relaxed as the diaphragmatic walls are stretched down.

This reduces the work load of the heart pumping chamber so here how you should practise rechak

Steps To Do Rechaka

  1. Sit straight in any meditative pose which you feel comfortable keep your spine straight head straight and your both palms on your knees palms facing downwards.
  2. Close your eyes or keep your eyes open and fix your gaze on 1 point inhale slowly and continuously for 3 seconds.
  3. And now slowly and without jerk start exhaling and continue it for 6 seconds. The emphasis is on prolonged exhalation take a few normal breath.
  4. Before the next round practise 4 to 5 rounds, with a pause in between each round you can increase the duration of exhalation go on exhaling longer.

And longer with practise and when you increase the exhalation try to keep inhalation in proportion it is like 2, 4 or 3, 6 or 4, 8.

This is how you should manage also this excellent pranayama can really keep your heart healthy.

Limitations of who cannot perform this pranayama.

This includes people who have just got out of heart attack don’t do this pranayama for a month similarly when the blood pressure is already too high don’t do this pranayama till it comes to normal.

Also follow some precaution before practising pranayama.

  • Never practise pranayama if you are too tired.
  • Before doing pranayama, first person should relax in shavasana and then only person should do pranayama.

So do practise this pranayama regularly this could be practised by even saying om or by humming take a breath and start saying OM or just do humming breathe in close your mouth and hmmmmm.

All these techniques are nothing else but long exhalations these techniques works wonders it really brings your mind into a very calm state.

You know mind gets into an alpha wave state and you are very happy and peaceful.

When you start practising like this you would learn to remain stress free throughout the day also and so here you will be helping your heart.

Helping the functioning of your heart and you will always prevent all these problems related to heart so take charge of yourself take care and do this regularly.

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