Which Time Your Stomach is Most Active? Best Time To Eat

Now days many people are getting aware about what they eat, how much they eat, but, somewhere they are not aware about when to eat, they end up eating at a wrong time.

They don’t realize when the stomach is really active and that’s the best time to eat, but they do mistake, so they don’t get the benefit, which they should get.

Wrong timing leads to many stomach problems like indigestion, bloating, acidity, burning sensation, lots of gases and irritable bowel syndrome.

Our eating habits, however are influenced by our busy schedule. Majority of people end up by taking their breakfast by 10 AM or some don’t take breakfast at all, and their lunch in and around 2 to 3 PM and the dinner sometime pass midnight, yes, that’s how majority of people follow the eating habits.

Naturopathy talks about organ cycle or our body functions at its highest capacity at a specific time, this balance in this cycle is the root cause of majority of these problems.

Today I am going to talk about 2 such timings, at which you should have your breakfast and lunch.

The reason you should follow to eat food at this time, because at this time your metabolism is at highest peak.

Best Time to Eat Breakfast

Breakfast time – Breakfast should be eaten at 8.00 am, because the stomach is most active at this time, and nutritious breakfast quick starts your metabolism in such a way that you are energetic throughout the day.

Breakfast at 8.00 am improves concentration, helps in control of weight; it lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Breakfast is usually after long fast, that is the whole sleep time, our body has automatically absorb the nutrients which you had a dinner.

Therefore, we must eat breakfast at around 8 am, when your stomach is highly active and this would help in the better digestion and generation of energy, which you in your morning routine.

Best Time to Eat Lunch

Lunchtime should be 4 to 5 hours after breakfast, according to organ cycle lunch should be consumed by 12 o’clock, at this time circulation is optimal and heart is highly active.

Our body, are programed to burn more fuel at the time of lunch, to be stored for the rest of the day.

As we go on delaying our lunchtime, it becomes difficult for stomach to carry out the digestive process, so lunch should be taken by 12, so that the body has time to generate energy and then store the energy for the rest of the day.

So you should eat wholesome meal, at these 2 specific times, later in a day then you should have small – small quantities of meal, as early as possible.

Best Time to Eat Dinner

You should try to have your dinner preferably by 7 PM, because melatonin level of our body rises to see that our body goes to quietude and rest, and that helps in the better sleep.

When the day is ending and it is getting darker, it gets difficult for body to digest food, at the same rate, as it does in a day, when the melatonin levels are low, and also the body is energetic and active.

An early dinner allows the body to digest the food efficiently. When we sleep, our body heals themselves, but if we eat late at night, the body doesn’t have sufficient time to digestive its food, so majority of the time the body is busy digesting the food and repair work does not take place at all.

So remember, you have early and light dinner.

So to follow these specific timings I would suggest you plan your meals systematical.

Follow The Schedule Strictly

A schedule can help you to follow proper meal time efficiently.

Moreover to get the most nutrition and prevent all the health related problems, a person should remember that you eat food on a specific time.

Your breakfast is must, person should have breakfast by 8 o’clock and person must have lunch by 12 to 1.

And these two timings, if you really follow strictly you will notice, how your health is getting better and better.

So follow this schedule, after all we are part and parcel of nature. Our day is from sunrise to sunset and so, be very-very clear that your last meal, has to be early and not later.

Nowadays people get to much activity at night and that too, all sitting activity like remaining active on gadgets and these gadgets don’t allow you to sleep either, and that creates a hell of a problem, to try and see that you wind up your activities early, and sleep well, have a good positive state of mind. Have enthusiasm and joy in your life and life really become beautiful and healthy Take care

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