Unsolved Mysteries That Even Science Can’t Explain

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

No one has the answer to this question.

And many scientists have also conducted research on this.

The Dancing Plague

In France, during the 16th century, something very weird had happened.

There was a city named ‘Strasbourg‘.

People there felt like dancing.

But it didn’t seem like they were dancing because they felt like it.

The whole city got some kind of dancing fever.

Which is also known as ‘The Dancing Plague‘.

This started from a woman named ‘Frau Troffea’, who danced for 3 weeks straight without any break.

And by observing this, within a month, more than 400 people joined her.

It was just like a zombie apocalypse but imagine that the zombie apocalypse took place in a disco.

It was something of that sort.

In the beginning, people thought that they are celebrating and bands were also arranged for them But at one point, they became so tired that they started dying.

There was no scientific reason behind it.

And this was just the first time an incident like this had happened.

After that in Switzerland, Germany, and Holland, the same thing happened.

A religious theory behind this is that the people of those times were so powerful that their curse used to work on many people.

Just like there were Sages’ curses in India.

Like the Sages, there was a Catholic Saint named ‘Vitus‘ who was considered to be very powerful.

People used to say that because of his curse, the people in the city went mad.

There was a psychological change in them.

They kept dancing until their last breath. It was like that Basanti- type situation.

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The Death Well of Dogs

the death well of dogs

There’s an Overtoun Bridge in Scotland.

It is said that if you take a dog near this bridge, that dog will jump down in the rocks and die.

This bridge is also called the ‘Dog Suicide Bridge‘.

1000 dogs committed suicide

A pet owner from Scotland also said that when his dog saw that bridge, he froze and immediately started running and then jumped down the bridge.

The weird thing about it is that if a dog is rescued from there, then that dog tries to jump off the bridge again until he doesn’t die.

Why does this happen?

No one knows.

Supernatural things keep happening in the lives of the people staying there.

The people staying there believe in spirits and ghosts.

So is it because of these spirits and ghosts that these dogs jump off the bridge?

This is still a mystery.

We often think that modern science has the answers to everything.

But Albert Einstein, who is known as the greatest scientist, he used to say that,

Mystery is a very beautiful thing, and science has also started with mystery.

Albert Einstein
Mystery is a very beautiful thing, and science has also started with mystery.

Which indeed is the truth.

Because if there aren’t any new mysteries, how will they be solved? How will science progress?

Whenever we are sleepy, this is a thing that we always do.

And every person does this unknowingly.

Which is ‘Yawning‘ We all yawn.

But what is the reason behind this?

This is something that the scientists and researchers still don’t know.

If you see someone who’s yawning, then you’ll feel like yawning too.

Our mind tries to copy the actions of the person in front of us.

This is called ‘Herd Mentality‘ This behavior is also observed is Chimpanzees. And according to a study, those who are psychopaths, don’t yawn after seeing some other person yawn.

So next time whenever you yawn, observe the people around you.

The one who doesn’t yawn could be a psychopath. (I was joking, don’t try this for real)

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