Why Government banned Sinchan, Doraemon and Tom & Jerry

Shinchan, Tom and Jerry Looney Tunes, Doraemon, Teletubbies There’s so many cartoons like these, because of which we spent our childhood happily.

But do you know?

All the cartoons who’s name I took right now were banned in some or the other country.

‘Shinchan’ was banned in India, ‘Doraemon’ was banned in China and ‘Tom and Jerry’ was banned in the USA. What is the reason behind this?

Why Shinchan Was Banned in India


Many people say that this is based on a real-life story.

In which Shinnosuke Nohara had died in a car accident when he was a kid.

And after Shinnosuke’s death, his mom went in trauma and made Shinchan’s (Shinnosuke) pictures, portraying all the things he used to do.

After that, seeing all the sketches, Shinchan’s writer got an idea of making a manga. It sounds like a very tragic and heartbreaking story. But this did not happen in reality.

This story is still a rumour and there’s no proof. Shinchan’s writers wanted to end the series.

And they got an idea that they’ll show a car accident of the whole Nohara family.

Seeing the public’s response’ They canceled the plot and new chapters of Shinchan are still being made.

Shinchan was banned in India in 2008 because according to some parents, there were some scenes in Shinchan which were inappropriate for children.

And when Shinchan did those things, the children used to copy him too.

These complains were also made in Spain, South Korea and Malaysia. This is why Shinchan was banned in India and in many other countries.

But the fans in India demanded that they wanted to see Shinchan. That’s why in 2009, this ban was lifted.

The episodes that are being shown today have been completely censored.

For example, the beer bottle is normalised by calling it juice.

If you want to see the original Shinchan without any Censorshi,. then you can read it’s R-rated manga which is owned by DC comics.

Why Tom and Jerry Was Banned in USA and Brazil

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Their real names weren’t even Tom and Jerry.

The makers of Tom and Jerry cartoon had given them the name ‘Jasper’ and ‘Jinx’.

But then, the makers didn’t like these names.

Thank God for that.

So where did the name ‘Tom and Jerry’ come from?

Well, Tom and Jerry was actually the name of a cocktail drink in which brandy is mixed and this drink was very famous in the olden days.

Tom and Jerry’s creators had organised a contest for this name.

For which the winner, Animator John Carr, was given $50 This cartoon has won 7 Oscars so far.

But there’s also a dark story behind this.

Tom and Jerry was banned in the USA, Brazil and other countries

Because allegedly, there are many racial jokes and there’s too much violence shown in some scenes.

For example, you might remember, Jerry planting bombs on Tom, Tom using the cheese trap, Tom firing with the guns, etc.

Do you remember, there was a maid named ‘Mammy two shoes’ in this cartoon who’s face was never shown?

Well, the makers of the show had to remove her character because allegedly, the accent she used to talk in was an African American accent which was very racist.

Some episodes of Tom and Jerry were not telecasted due to racism.

The creators of the show say that

“When this cartoon was made it was appropriate for that time.”

Why Doraemon was Banned in China

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If we take the literal Japanese meaning of ‘Doraemon’, then it means a ‘stray male cat.’

Doraemon didn’t have ears and he was also scared of mice.

And there was a reason behind this. But why Doraemon did not have any ears?

Doraemon’s actual color was ‘yellow’ but one day some mice bit his ears and he became sad and started crying.

And he drank a potion named ‘sadness’ due to which his yellow color faded and turned blue.

But have you ever wondered, from where did the writer get this idea?

Doraemon’s creator Hiroshi Fujimoto;

3 events had occurred in his life from which he got the idea of making ‘Doraemon’.

Hiroshi was in search of a new and unique idea. An idea which is very different from others.

After thinking about it a lot, he had a thought that he wished he had a machine through which ideas could be generated and then he could’ve comfortably written his manga based on those ideas.

While thinking about this, he was pacing in his room, and then his feet bumped into something.

When he saw down, he noticed that it was one of his daughter’s toys.

At the same time, he heard the voice of cats fighting.

Now if you are as creative as Hiroshi Fujimoto, then you would’ve merged these 3 events and made an idea for a new manga, which we now recognise as ‘Doraemon’.

Doraemon is different from all the cartoons mentioned above.

The end of this cartoon has been written and the last episode has also been given in the manga. Doraemon’s battery actually dies and he suddenly stops working.

Now getting the battery of this robot, that was made in the 22nd century, in the 21st century is impossible.

And there was no genius that could’ve made a battery of this kind.

So Nobita decided that he’ll study very hard and make this battery for Doraemon.

After years, he finally made the battery.

And Doraemon returned to take care of Nobita.

After this, Nobita’s next generations, had sent Doraemon for Nobita which was the start of this cartoon.

That is, an example of ‘space time travel’ was explained through this one scene.

The episode for this section of the manga still hasn’t been made.

But whenever this episode of Doraemon will be telecasted, I’m sure that we’ll get emotional at least once.

So, these were the untold stories of our three favorite cartoons. Hope you liked it, don’t forget to share.

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